Any problems with used Subarus in general?

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I've had a 1997 Subaru Legacy L wagon for about 18 months now. Recently it has developed some problems. Like, smoke pouring out of the engine problems.I've found a used Subaru that I really like. (I've found that I really like Subarus.) It's a 2003 Legacy sedan, with about 57K miles on it. Ideally I'd like to get another 80-100K out of it.My mom said something that I thought made no sense at all, but I  thought I'd solicit anecdote from the Lounge. She says that most people get rid of Subarus because of problems like I'm experiencing, to which my knee-jerk reaction was "That's retarded." Has anyone had problems buying used Subarus? My car was fine until about 1000 miles ago.


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