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Higher-milage reliability of Subaru?

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Well, after a failed attempt to replace my current car with a lower-milage copy (Old thread), I'm very casually considering making an offer on an older Subaru Legacy GT station wagon. Years ago, when I first bought my current car, a Legacy GT wagon was one of my top choices. This one is somewhat higher milage (around 150K miles) but appears to be well-taken care of, cosmetically in very good shape, recent head gasket replacement and new timing belt, etc. 
I know that Subarus are usually considered good as far as reliability, but what about once they exceed 150,000 miles? This would likely be a 2nd car… not sure I'd be willing to give up my current BMW wagon for it, but I might. It would get me AWD for the occasions that it would be useful, but more importantly, would get me 250hp AWD with strong aftermarket for amusing myself..


Any help will be apprecited.


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Thank you.

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